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Technology Enhanced Learning

Una sintesi del Rapporto 2012 di UCISA (fondato da JISC) in UK dice:

Strategies driving investment in technology enhanced learning (TEL) in higher education

  1. Dedicated e-learning strategies are less influential than in previous years
  2. Corporate strategies becoming more important
  3. JISC and HEFCE strategies are influential

Drivers for TEL

  1. Enhancing quality of learning and teaching
  2. Improving access for distance and off campus learners becoming more important
  3. Meeting student expectations

Barriers and enablers

  1. Enablers – availability of TEL support staff; senior management support; departmental support
  2. Barriers – money; time; culture. Staff knowledge is less of a barrier than in previous surveys

Mobile optimised services

  1. Providing access to library services is one of the most popular mobile optimised services offered by institutions. Other popular mobile services include access to course material and course announcements
  2. Centrally supported services are being rolled out to support iPads; iPhones and Android devices.


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