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19 th EBLIDA – NAPLE annual Conference in cooperation with FESABID

Malaga, 27-28 May 2011

Il Presidente di EBLIDA, Gerald Leitner, aprendo il convegno oggi a Malaga, ha affermato l’importanza di comunicare l’importanza delle biblioteche. Di seguito le mie note sul suo discorso :”Politicians should be aware of the importance of libraries however economic crisis became a crisis of the libraries. More effective use of libraries could be a tool instead for affording the crisis… EBLIDA has done a lot for copyr, however all our activites were not able to achieve a lot. We should change our strategies and convincing EU to put libraries in the Agenda in the future. Libraries should be involved in lifelong learning, in digitisation of our culture. From my point of view important effect for libraries if EU policy speaks for them, in particular for information policy and copyr. The different countries have not equal access to information: the burning question is: how to improve this situation? A EU Library Directive? Now much more sense on concentrating on an EU White Paper, stimulating the best ideas from best minds (not only limited to public libraries)”.


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